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Custom Hearing Protection

Your ears are unique, and so is your lifestyle. Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC can craft custom earmolds taken from impressions of your ears to offer a snug, comfortable fit and protection you won’t receive from one-size-fits-all, disposable earplugs. These impressions can be used to create plugs designed for hunting, music, construction work, and a range of other activities that put your hearing at risk.

Why Custom?

Better Fit

  • A custom earmold impression of your individual canal will ensure the best possible fit. Human ears are just as individual and unique as fingerprints—no two are exactly the same size or shape. In fact, some ears are too small or too large to obtain an adequate fit at all with non-custom products.

Better Comfort

  • Professionally made, custom-fit hearing protection are indis-putably superior in comfort.

Better Protection

  • Custom fit hearing protection is also custom-designed to provide the proper amount of hearing protection you need for your intended use.
  • Improper fit and improper insertion of non-custom products often leads to very poor real-world hearing protection vs custom molded products.
  • Some non-custom products may conversely OVER protect hearing, leading to poor communication and/or poor fidelity sound in certain settings.

Better Cost

  • Disposable: $0.25 per pair X 2 pairs/day X 5 days/week X 50 weeks/year =$112.50 per year
  • Custom: $200 for pair which lasts ~5 years = $40.00 per year (or $50.00 per year for musician plugs with filters).

Our Customization Process

Ultimate Customization

We will not only take a custom mold of your unique ear, but will also work with you to customize your hearing protection to your sound environment to pick the proper amount of attenuation required. You can even customize the color(s), design, handles/cords, and engraving!

Proper Counseling

Proper hearing protection requires proper insertion, use and care. We will take the time to go over all of this with you and provide use &
care materials to make sure you are fully informed.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Your custom ear pieces will be guaranteed for a period of six (6) months from the date of delivery from and against defective materi-als and workmanship. In addition, if the initial product is not a perfect fit, there will be no charge for a remake requested within 6 months as long as there is no change in material or type of mold.

Custom Hearing Protection for Hunting or Industrial Settings

If you work or play around loud noises, such as firearms and industrial machinery, you may be causing permanent damage to your hearing. Prolonged exposure to loud noises and even occasional exposure to extremely loud or explosive noises can cause significant damage without hearing protection . Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC can create custom ear plugs designed to fit your ears precisely and protect your hearing from any number of noise environments.

Swim Plugs

Custom swim plugs keep moisture out of the ear canal, which can be important for patients recovering from ear infections, ear surgery, and other conditions that require the ear canals be kept dry. Ideal for swimming, showering and other aquatic activities, the fit of a custom swim plugs is the most important aspect.

Musician’s Earplugs

For musicians or frequent concert-goers, musician’s earplugs can save your hearing without distorting sound. Foam plugs offer decent general protection, but can distort sound by attenuating only certain frequencies.  Custom musician’s earplugs are designed with filters to lower the volume without distorting the sound integrity.  We can help select musician’s plugs that offer protection with the appropriate protection specific to your type of instrument or music environment.

Ear Mold Manufacturers

Microsonic Custom Ear Molds

Microsonic offers custom hearing protection, including custom swim molds, products for the musician, custom communication molds, and products for hands-free listening. Microsonic’s reputation is built on superb quality earmolds in a range of styles and materials. The earmold is the most important link in the fitting of a hearing aid system.

Westone Custom Ear Molds

The Westone  line of hearing protection products includes the DefendEar collection for industrial use, hunting, and other high-level impact noise environments. Available in several different designs, colors and styles, Westone’s custom-fit hearing protection fits your lifestyle. Digital protection for high noise environments is designed to let you clearly until the moment a loud noise occurs.

Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC provides custom ear molds to patients in Ellicott City, Columbia, Catonsville, Baltimore, Sykesville and all of Howard, Carroll and Baltimore County. Contact Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC at 410-698-6594 to schedule a hearing evaluation.