Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax RemovalEarwax (cerumen) is a natural secretion from your ear created by glands in the cartilaginous portion of your ear canal. A small amount of earwax in your ears is not a problem and helps your ears to stay lubricated. However, significant amounts of cerumen, or earwax, in your ears can cause significant issues including hearing loss, tinnitus, ear pain, and/or a feeling of fullness in your ears.

If you are someone who tends to produce a large amount of earwax, scheduling appointments for professional earwax removal at routine intervals may be indicated. It is not safe to use sharp tools or cotton swabs yourself to remove earwax on your own at home without proper visualization or training. In fact, use of cotton swabs can push the wax in further causing more of a problem — or you may even accidentally push the swab in your ear too far causing damage to your outer and/or middle ear.

At Clarity Audiology, our Doctors of Audiology have the professional training and professional instrumentation to safely and comfortably remove wax from your ears. Earwax can be removed via manual instrumentation, suction, or irrigation. The method of removal is selected depending on the type, consistency, and location of earwax present in the ear canal. Clarity Audiology is equipped with an Earigator irrigation system, affectionately referred to by patients as our “Ear Spa”, which is calibrated to a safe, warm temperature as well as a safe, effective pressure to comfortably and effectively remove even the most stubborn ear wax.

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