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Hearing Aid Sales & Service

Included with New Hearing Aid Purchases through Our Office

At Clarity Audiology, we know that hearing aids require ongoing care & maintenance beyond the initial fitting and want to partner with you to ensure you are hearing your best for the long run. For this reason, the following value-added products & services are included in the price of your new hearing aid(s) purchased through our office:

  • Celebrating World Hearing Day

    Hearing aid evaluation and device selection

  • Hearing aid fitting & orientation to devices

  • 5 Year Comprehensive In-Office Service Plan

5 Year Comprehensive In-Office Service Plan

  • All office visits for routine hearing aid checks—Recommended every 6 months for the 5 year industry average life of the hearing aids.
  • Digital hearing aid programming—Digital hearing aids have thousands of parameters that need to be programmed to accurately accommodate your individual hearing needs, not only at the initial fitting but also as they may change through the 5 year life of your hearing aids. Our Doctors of Audiology are highly trained to program your hearing aids based on your unique hearing loss, hearing aid experience, lifestyle needs, and listening preferences.
  • Real-ear verification measurements—We perform real-ear measurements at every fitting appointment to take into account individual differences in ear canal anatomy when programming hearing aids, which allows us to program your digital devices with a much higher degree of precision. In addition, we also re-run these measurements at every routine or adjustment appointment to confirm that your hearing aids are meeting your prescriptive targets for the long run.
  • In-office professional cleanings—Hearing aids are small electronic devices that reside in the warm, moist environment of your ears and consequently require routine, professional cleanings throughout their 5 year life.
  • In-office repairs—All in office repairs that may occur for 5 years at no charge!
  • Bluetooth pairing & troubleshooting—Most of the new, digital hearing aids come standardly Bluetooth-enabled. We include pairing of all of your current and future Bluetooth devices as needed with your hearing aid purchase.
  • Daily curbside walk-in service available—When something happens to your hearing aid, we want to be able to fix it for you quickly, usually within the same day, to keep you hearing your best without delay.

Hearing Aid Supplies (included for 5 years)

  • Hearing aid parts including domes, wax filters, microphone covers, & tubing
  • Hearing aid cases & cleaning tools

3 Year Comprehensive Manufacturer Warranty

  • Repair Warranty—covers unlimited repairs for 3 years
  • Loss Damage Replacement—covers one-time loss or damage replacement of the device within 3 year warranty period, subject to a deductible


We pride ourselves in providing a no-pressure environment for patients to try new hearing aids. For this reason, all hearing aids are fit with a 60 day risk-free satisfaction period.


If you already have hearing aids and are looking for a new hearing care provider, we are happy to work with your existing devices to get them working optimally for you.

We offer either “pay as you go” service on your current devices, or a comprehensive annual service plan which includes:

  • Bi-Annual hearing aid check
  • Cleaning of device, real-ear measurement verification to ensure proper function and calibrate to ear canal anatomy, re-programming to address listening needs and/or changes in hearing sensitivity
  • Unlimited access to in-office hearing aid repairs or hearing aid cleanings as needed at NO CHARGE
  • Unlimited access to programming changes as needed for specific listening preferences or listening needs at NO CHARGE
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Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC provides hearing aid sales and service to patients in Ellicott City, Columbia, Catonsville, Baltimore, Sykesville and all of Howard, Carroll and Baltimore County. Contact Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC at 410-698-6594 to schedule a hearing evaluation.

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