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Hearing Aid Specialist and Hearing Aid Provider in Clarksville, Maryland

Team Members

Our Doctors of Audiology, located close to Clarksville, Maryland, not only have the highest level of training in our field, but also provide the individual, compassionate care you deserve. We are a local, independent practice and are not influenced by sales incentives or manufacturer contracts. We include a comprehensive 5-year service plan with all hearing aid purchases so that our patients are hearing their best for the long run. We participate with most major insurances, and offer payment plans and leasing options to make hearing treatment affordable for all. If you’re looking for a hearing aid specialist in the Clarksville, Maryland area, then you want to contact Clarity Audiology!

Our Approach to Hearing Aid Fittings

We know that hearing aids will only be as good as they are programmed. The size, shape, and technology that go into the making of your hearing aids are all given careful consideration.

Our staff will carefully measure your ears, all while getting to know more about you so that we can offer you the best chance of improving your hearing. We’ll even offer you a 60-day risk-free trial once you’ve had your hearing aids fitted. If you don’t end up satisfied with them, you can bring them back, and we will give you a 100% refund. You can even get a follow-up visit with us to go over any fine-tuning that might be needed to improve your hearing aids.

What Our Patients are Saying

I first went to Clarity Audiology when I suspected that I needed hearing aids back in 2015, and have been with them ever since. Their staff, especially Dr. Bragg, have been very helpful and supportive, working with me to improve my hearing experience. I highly recommend them.


Our hearing aid specialists in Clarksville, Maryland deliver the highest quality, compassionate, professional care for your unique needs. Find out why we are considered the best hearing aid provider in the Clarksville, Maryland area.

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