Hearing Protection and Musician Earplugs Near Clarksville, MD

Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions now offers Custom Hearing Protection! Custom musician earplugs, dental plugs and hunting hearing protection are just a few of the options available.

Why Custom

Better Fit: A custom earplug made from the 3D image of your individual canal will ensure the best possible fit. Human ears are just as individual and unique as fingerprints – no two are exactly the same size or shape. In fact, some ears are too small or too large to obtain an adequate fit at all with non-custom products.

Better Comfort: Professionally made custom-fit hearing protection are indisputably superior in comfort.

Better Protection: Custom fit hearing protection is also custom designed to provide the proper amount of hearing protection you need for your intended use.

  • Improper fit and improper insertion of non-custom products often leads to very poor real-world hearing protection versus custom molded products.
  • Some non-custom products may, conversely, OVER protect hearing, leading to poor communication and/or poor fidelity sound in certain settings.

Better Cost:

  • Custom hearing protection saves money in the long run! Disposable hearing protection only lasts a day and the cost can really add up! Custom protection lasts for about 5 years, making it a wise investment.

Ready to get started?

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