4 Types of Hearing Issues to Know


There are various types of hearing issues to look out for, and should they continue to persist, there are many hearing loss solutions that can help aid you with hearing in everyday life.

Hearing issues can often develop suddenly and without warning, so it is especially important to to pay close attention to these issues in order to prevent hearing loss. There are various types of hearing issues to look out for, and should they continue to persist, there are many hearing loss solutions that can help aid you with hearing in everyday life. Here are 4 types of hearing issues to be aware of, as well as some possible hearing loss solutions that can effectively address them.

Age-related Hearing Loss

Age is often a major component in hearing loss, and age-related hearing issues can stem from a number of reasons, such as diabetes, toxic medication, or long-term exposure to loud noises. Typically, a humming sound in your ear and muffled sounds are signs that you may have age-related hearing issues, and this may require you to consider hearing loss solutions. For example, if you are struggling to hear, you may need to invest in a hearing aid to help amplify all the sounds you need to hear throughout your day.

Trouble Following the Conversation

A common sign of hearing loss, and often one of the first warning signs, is having an otherwise difficult time with following conversations that you are participating in. Some hearing issues that you may start to notice might include hearing voices as mumbles or muffled sounds, and you may even find yourself asking people to repeat themselves more frequently. Although this can be especially frustrating, there are hearing loss solutions for this that typically involve the use for a hearing aid. However, you will first need to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation and ask your audiologist about what other solutions there may be for you.


Tinnitus is a hearing issue that causes people to hear noises that have no external sources. There can be a variety of causes for the hearing issues that result in tinnitus, and because it is so common, there are many hearing loss solutions for it. It can often be a side effect of medication, in which case you may need to switch prescriptions if it continues to be an issue. Surgery, nutritional supplements, and counseling are additional hearing loss solutions that may be suggested by your doctor.


Ear infections can often cause hearing issues such as conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss can also be caused by other problems with the middle and outer ear. The cause is often easily identifiable and treatable, with a number of medical hearing loss solutions available as well.

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