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  • How to Care for Your Hearing

    Once your hearing is damaged, there is rarely any way to restore it. This is why raising awareness about the prevalence and causes of hearing loss is so important. It is also key to understand the importance of early diagnosis,… Read More

  • Top Apps for Hearing Loss

    Do you use hearing aids? Do you have a smartphone? Then you’re in luck. If you’ve experienced hearing loss, then you know there are little difficulties in everyday life that add up. These apps aim to make life easier for… Read More

  • Myths About Hearing Aids

    With technology constantly changing and updating, not many people have kept up with these shifts. The result is several prevalent myths about hearing aids. Today, Clarity Audiology would like to help you debunk these myths and learn more about hearing… Read More

  • The Four Types of Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is an auditory malady which causes those affected to experience phantom ringing, whooshing and buzzing noises. It can be quite a daunting problem for many because only you can hear it, and it’s constantly distracting, and annoying. This common… Read More

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