5 Common Hearing Issues

5 Common Hearing Issues

Tinnitus is one of the most common hearing issues you can experience.

As you get older, you’ll start encountering several age-related hearing issues. At first, they might only be nuisances, but if they persist, they could convince you it’s time to have a hearing test or have a fitting for hearing aids performed. Until you can see an ear doctor or make an appointment for an audiologist visit here in Ellicott City, what can you do?


Do you hear a constant ringing in your ears? Although it might not always sound like a ringing, it’s a sign that you could have tinnitus. Sometimes, though, people will hear something slightly different than the typical ringing noise. Tinnitus can also sound like:

  • Buzzing noises, like a bug flying around you.
  • Roaring, like when you hold a seashell up to your ear.
  • Clicking, like playing with a computer mouse.
  • Hissing, as though you left the stove lit.

If you do have tinnitus, you might have to determine what could be triggering your tinnitus, especially when it starts to interfere with your ability to sleep.

Trouble Conversing

Do you think people are mumbling when they aren’t? It could be another sign you need hearing aids as soon as possible. Until then, try these tips for keeping up with a conversation:

  • Position yourself to maximize your ability to hear your conversation partner. You might have to face them directly and look at them to fully grasp what they’re saying.
  • Try to have your conversation somewhere quiet.
  • Ask your partner to repeat themselves or clarify what they mean by speaking up.

Feeling Tired and Cranky

When you’re tired, you get cranky. No matter what age you are, this is just a fact of life. When you have hearing loss or other issues, trying to catch every last word can tire you out. But you should find other ways to vent that frustration you feel, and either pick a relaxing hobby, or start an exercise routine, and then work out every day. Exercising releases hormones into your bloodstream that will relax you and help make everything seem okay.

Avoiding Social Settings

Because of your hearing issues, you might start avoiding social settings. Don’t neglect time with friends, family, and other loved ones just because of your hearing. Instead, accept your problems instead of denying them.

Denying Any Problems

Denying your problems, especially when it has to do with your hearing, will only make them worse. While it’s easy to ignore or downplay the signs of hearing loss, you should take action once you realize they are happening.

Hearing Loss Solutions from Clarity Audiology

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