Avoid Swimmer’s Ear This Summer!


Keep your ears clean and dry this year and avoid swimmer’s ear!

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear canal, the channel that leads to the middle ear. You will know if you or someone else has swimmer’s ear if the outer ear canal is red, itchy, swollen, and painful. If you can wiggle your outer ear with no pain and have an ear infection, it is likely another type of infection. Swimmer’s ear is more common in children but can happen to anyone. Here’s how to avoid swimmer’s ear this summer and what to do if you get it.

How to Avoid Swimmer’s Ear

Don’t Swim in Contaminated Waters

There are two ways to avoid swimmer’s ear altogether, and one is to avoid swimming in contaminated waters. In Maryland, it isn’t uncommon to go for a dip at a local beach in the Chesapeake Bay or one of its rivers. You can look up a recreational water quality report for more details. Otherwise, your local swimming pool should have standard treatment that would prevent bacterial growth.

Practice Healthy Ear Hygiene

Aside from ensuring relatively clean waters, you should also prepare your ears for action simply by taking great care of them. Remove excess earwax, but do not completely scour your ears clean of earwax since this sticky substance helps repel water, lubricate your ears, and kill bacteria. Keep your ears well-lubricated and free of chemicals. You could apply protective ear drops before swimming, but only if you do not have any ear injuries or surgeries.

Wear Waterproofing Earplugs

Another way to protect your ears is to wear earplugs that keep out water. You can easily find these types of earplugs at your local convenience store or some healthcare provider locations. Remember to choose the right type of earplug and follow the directions.

Dry Your Ears After Swimming

After a good swim, make sure that all water in your ear canals drain out. If you sense liquid clogging your ears, keep one ear down at a time until each side drains. You can pull your outer ear in different directions gently to encourage it. Dry your outer ear with a towel and your ear canal with a low-heat hair dryer if necessary.

How to Treat Swimmer’s Ear

If you do get swimmer’s ear, the treatment is typically antibiotics. It is important to finish the whole course to prevent bacteria from gaining strength or returning. If you need treatment in the Baltimore area, contact Clarity Audiology!

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