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Hearing Problems and Ear Health

hearing problems and ear health

Hearing problems and ear health can include ear infections, which are riskier for children.

Hearing problems and ear health are issues that commonly overlap. Protecting your ears is just one part of ensuring ear health. But sometimes, hearing problems arise from ear infections. We can’t always control when an ear infection happens. In this blog, we’ll examine hearing problems such as ear infections, which can often be completely ignored until it has become too problematic to treat.

Causes of Hearing Problems Such as Ear Infections

Bacteria from such conditions as colds, sore throats, or upper respiratory infections can also cause problems in your ears. These conditions can lead to inflammation in the middle ear. Inflammation causes fluid buildup, which results in the infection. Children are far more likely to get an ear infection, but such infections can affect adults as well.

Different Types of Ear Infections

Ear pain is one of the most common symptoms of an ear infection. But ear pain could also indicate other hearing problems, and all of them should be examined by an ENT doctor or audiologist. Acute otitis media affects the middle ear and is the most common ear infection. Swelling and fluid being caught behind the eardrum are hallmark symptoms of this infection. Meanwhile, a fever typically occurs with this infection. Otitis media with effusion, on the other hand, occurs after bacteria from acute otitis media disappears; but fluid remains trapped. Only an audiologist can detect the fluid. Chronic otitis with effusion is the final type of ear infection. This infection typically appears when fluid buildup continually occurs, even with no bacteria or indeed, any infection present.

Ear Infections and Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, chronic otitis with effusion can cause hearing loss. Thus, any time an ear infection arises, it should be treated as soon as possible. Easily visible symptoms of an ear infection, particularly in children, include tugging of the ears; crying; sleeplessness; fevers; fluid drain from the ear; unusual coordination issues; and hearing troubles. Ear infections in children are especially risky because untreated ear infections can cause hearing loss. Undiagnosed hearing loss can also result in developmental issues, which can affect the child’s motor and language skills.

Possible Forms of Treatment

Antibiotics, rest, and regular replenishment of fluids are the most common treatments prescribed for ear infections.

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