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Tips for Parents of Kids Who Wear Hearing Aids

kids who wear hearing aids

The adjustment period for kids who wear hearing aids can be difficult. However, there are things parents can do to help a child adjust.

When it comes to kids who wear hearing aids, it can be difficult to get them to use them. Parents of kids who wear hearing aids often hear from teachers that their child removes their hearing aids or perhaps even refuses to wear them. It’s a common story, a child leaves for school with their hearing aids and takes them off the second they are on the bus, inside the school building, or their guardian is otherwise out of sight. If one of your kids is having difficulty accepting their hearing aids, here are some tips to help them settle into using them regularly.

Schedule Mandatory Periods And Breaks

Parents need to work together as a unified front to encourage their child to properly use and accept their hearing aids. Set times where the use of a hearing aid is mandatory, such as during school and social situations, and times when they can take them out. Pre-select certain times designated as break times and allow your child to choose one. Young kids who need to wear hearing aids but do not really understand why respond better to the transition when they feel a sense of control and agency. This will allow them to feel like they are a part of the decision-making regarding them, even though all of the most important decisions have been made by their parents.

Allow Your Child To Begin To Take Ownership Of Their Hearing Aids

Change can be scary for young kids, especially when they lack the understanding to fully grasp the implications of the changes or that they have hearing loss. This can cause them to be distressed and difficult. Make them feel present and like they are in control by making them change the batteries and clean their own hearing aids. Eventually you want them to be able to do these things on their own, anyway. If they are old enough, even have them call the Audiologist for adjustments. Kids who wear hearing aids are just like any other kid and love to be able to customize and alter things to express their creativity. Allow your child to work with the audiologist to choose molds and fun colors that they like and they will be far more likely to embrace their hearing aids.

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