Discover How Multiple Listening Programs Help Make the Most of Modern Digital Hearing Aids

Listening to a person speaking in a quiet room is extremely different from attempting to hear a conversation in a busy restaurant. The majority of digital hearing aids can adjust to distinct conditions like these by using a variety of “listening programs”. The ability to use different listening programs makes it easy to hear better in many different situations.

When you first receive your hearing aid, your hearing professional will program your device with an external computer. This process allows a number of individual processing characteristics to be fine-tuned into a number of distinct listening programs. These programs can be accessed manually when you start wearing your device, or they may automatically change to match your current listening situation.

You may be surprised at the variety of listening programs your hearing aid is able to run. Some programs work to reduce background noise, eliminate feedback or shift higher-frequency sounds into a more comfortable range, while others are designed to make speech patterns easier to identify. Your hearing professional can work with you to help determine which programs are most appropriate for your individual situation.

The way you activate one of these listening programs can vary from hearing aid to hearing aid. Your hearing aid may include a small external device (similar to a remote control) that allows you to change programs and access additional features. You may be able to switch from program to program via a small switch, or your device may determine the best program for the situation without requiring your input.

Hearing aids with multiple listening programs can be especially useful for young children. These programs allow parents to quickly change their child’s listening settings to find the most comfortable choice. This can help audiologists determine what settings will lead to the best hearing experience for the child.

The multiple listening programs feature in hearing aids can play a significant role in allowing the hearer to enjoy a more natural listening experience.

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