Gift Ideas for Your Hearing Impaired Loved One


Have you done your holiday shopping this winter season?

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, presents are starting to add up underneath the Christmas tree, and beautiful holiday tunes are filling the air—but wait, did you say presents? If you haven’t already gotten started on purchasing gifts this holiday season, you’re not alone! Here are some awesome gift ideas for your hearing impaired loved ones.


You have heard about wearables, but what about hearables? Hearables are wireless devices that go directly in your ear to help you hear better. These can include wireless sport headphones that track your distance run or your heart rate and even cool wireless smart earbuds that can provide you with a ton of information about you (and your surroundings).

A Vibrating Alarm Clock

While an alarm clock might not seem like the best gift, trust us when we say that your hearing impaired love one will love this gift idea. A vibrating alarm clock uses a small device you stick under your pillow while you sleep to, well, wake you up! The vibrations can vary in intensity depending on how deeply you sleep.

A Digital Doorbell

Home automation is all the rage right now, and luckily it has a lot to offer your hearing impaired loved one (and you for gift ideas). Wi-Fi enabled digital doorbells can take the guesswork out of wondering whether or not someone is at the door and who they are. It sends push notifications to your phone whenever someone rings your doorbell and offers additional video features so that you could sign, lip read, or communicate with the person downstairs.

A TV Listening Device

If your hearing impaired loved one is frequently left out on movie night, this can help them hear what’s going on without having the volume up too loud. TV listening devices connect to the television and allow the wearer to turn up or down the volume for their comfort. This gift idea would be fun to include alongside a movie or gift card to Netflix or a streaming service.

Caring for Your Hearing Impaired Loved Ones Throughout the Year

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