How Hearing Loss Affects Balance

How Hearing Loss Affects Balance

Can mild hearing loss affect one’s sense of balance? Find out here!

Hearing loss is a complex topic, having many different causes and possible solutions. If you have any form of hearing loss, you might have heard that hearing loss can actually make one more likely to lose balance. Is this true, and what constitutes a balance disorder? Here is how hearing loss affects balance and how Clarity Audiology can help!

The Role of the Ears in Balance

The eyes and brain play a role in helping us keep balance, but did you know that our ears play a major role? The inner ear contains the labyrinth, which has three components: the cochlea, the otolithic organs, and the semicircular canals. The cochlea is the organ for hearing, while the semicircular canals control balance. They are how we sense movement, up and down, and space. An infection, disease, or another ailment of this part of the inner ear can lead to disastrous effects.

Does Hearing Loss Cause Balance Disorders?

According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in a study published in 2012, those with mild hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than someone without hearing loss. Every addition of 10 decibels lost gave way to a higher likelihood of lost balance. Apparently, this finding held true no matter what age or gender a person was either. Therefore, one might conclude that even mild hearing loss affects balance.

Other conditions can cause both hearing loss and balance disorders. An inner ear infection known as Labyrinthitis causes inflammation, leading to both symptoms. Meniere’s disease involves a buildup of pressure in the labyrinth, which one can alleviate with medications.

Identifying and Treating Balance Disorders

A balance disorder can have multiple causes that have nothing to do with one’s ears. In general, it is a physical ailment that causes one to lose balance and possibly experience vertigo, dizziness, or even temporary blindness. However, in the case that it is rooted in the ear, Clarity Audiology in Baltimore, MD, can help diagnose and stabilize your balance and overall hearing health. Contact us for more information!

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