Hearing Loss and a Healthy Heart

Hearing Loss and a Healthy Heart

Our hearing can indicate our heart health! Here’s the connection between the two.

Our ears allow us to experience one of the five senses, but they also allow us to get alerts on when something is wrong with the body. Ears are sensitive instruments, and hearing loss can signal a problem with another part of the body. This fascinating fact extends to the heart. Here’s how hearing loss and a healthy heart are connected!

The Danger of Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the top causes of death in the United States, even over the past few years. It applies to both men and women, and few realize how prevalent this problem is. Caring for one’s heart health is essential for preventing this highly prevalent disease. Of course, each person has different characteristics that make their best heart health protocols unique.

Hearing Loss and Heart Disease

Hearing loss can result from heart disease. At the very least, heart disease increases one’s risk of hearing loss. How does this occur? It all has to do with blood circulation. The tiny hairs inside the cochlea that electrically transfer sound from the ear to the brain need good circulation and the oxygen that comes with it. With less circulation, these hairs can deteriorate and fail over time. Sadly, once these microscopic hairs deteriorate, they do not regenerate. Thus permanent hearing loss at varying degrees occurs.

Hearing Loss and a Healthy Heart

One can keep up their hearing health by promoting a healthy heart. The basics of eating healthy and exercising regularly apply. For example, eating vegetables, fruits, and other food groups in a balanced and proportionate way will add nutrition and make good food more delicious than bad food. Setting a limit to the time of day you eat can help with dieting. 

Meanwhile, a study in Miami University showed that non-smoking individuals who had better cardiovascular health had better hearing. Therefore, improving one’s heart health through regular if not daily exercise via walking, jogging, running, dancing, or playing sports will keep up both a healthy heart and healthy ears. If you have hearing loss, keeping your hearing sharp will maintain your health overall as well.

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