Hearing Loss and the Holidays

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Prepare your hearing for this holiday season wisely!

The holiday season often brings with it a lot more community and family events. It is more likely to involve going out into the public or to gatherings, whether it be for Christmas shopping, eating a large dinner with family, or going to a party. In environments that involve a lot of background noise, it is a lot harder to hear, especially if you have any form of hearing loss. If you suspect you have hearing loss, here’s how to navigate the holidays smoothly.

Take Care of Your Hearing Health

The first step is to do the best you can to take care of your hearing. Do not expose your ears to loud noises or loud, constant noises. If necessary, wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Eat foods that promote blood circulation and healthy nerves, and be aware of any medications you take could affect your hearing. You can also practice listening and play puzzles to make your brain and hearing a little sharper!

Invest in Hearing Aids If Necessary

Does your hearing loss get in the way of everyday life? Do you notice that people are having a hard time hearing you and you, them? Are you missing sounds that could be dangerous to miss, such as alarms ringing and people passing from behind? Invest in the best treatment today! 

Help Others Understand

Others will be more understanding if you communicate with them clearly about your hearing loss. There are ways that others can better communicate with those with hearing loss, such as speaking clearly, not necessarily more loudly. Just asking someone to speak closer to your ear in a crowded, loud room is not a problem.

Consider Acoustics

In a group setting, it helps to have your back against a wall to hear everyone more clearly at parties. The wall will help focus the sound rather than let it flow all around you.

Enjoy Yourself

Lastly, do not focus on your hearing loss. Focus on living your life and enjoying it. Part of doing that may be to take special care of your ears with the right habits and treatments.

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