How Do I Know If I Am Going Deaf?

Signs You Are Losing Your Hearing

Can you hear as you should? Here’s how you know something’s up.

Am I going deaf? It’s hard to hear in crowded rooms, I have to ask people to speak into my ear, and I’m having tinnitus. Am I losing my hearing? How do I know if I am going deaf? In response to these questions, take a look at these signs.

Signs You Might Have Hearing Loss

You Forget Things

There are some unlikely signs of hearing loss, one being forgetfulness. Are you forgetting to lock the door, turn off the stove, or remember what someone told you? If you are unusually forgetful, it could be hearing loss.

You Get Distracted Easily

Are you getting sidetracked easily and find minutes later that you came into the room to do something else entirely? While this sign can have many causes, it could also be a symptom of mental fatigue due to hearing loss.

You’re Clumsier Than Usual

Are you fumbling or stumbling a lot more? Is it easy for things to topple over, hard to grasp things, or have precise motor skills in general? Once again, it could have many causes, but it can still speak to hearing loss’s effect on the brain.

People Complain the TV Is Too Loud

Some signs you might have hearing loss would be more evidently related to hearing. Are people complaining that the volume is way too loud when you are watching TV or an online video or listening to the radio? Does it sound normal to you, but too loud to them?

Some Sounds Are Abnormally Loud

Contrarily, another sign is that some sounds are abnormally loud. It could be because the healthy hair cells in the cochlea (a part of the inner ear) are compensating for the damaged hair cells.

You Misunderstand or Can’t Understand Immediately

Are you continually asking others what they just said, or having to take a moment before comprehending? Is it impossible to understand at all if two people are talking at the same time? It could be the strain on your brain because of hearing loss.

You Can’t Hear in Crowded Rooms

Some sounds make it hard for anyone to hear what someone is saying, and that includes background noise like music, crowds talking, or loud equipment. Speaking clearly and loudly enough or moving to a quieter location can help.

You Can’t Hear Women or Children’s Speech Clearly

When we lose our hearing, we tend to miss out on higher frequencies first. For this reason, it might be harder to understand some women and children speaking.

Only One Way to Find Out

There is only one way to find out if you really have hearing loss or not. Should you get a hearing test, there is no obligation or pressure to invest in hearing devices or any other treatment. However, you will have the professionals right there to help you.

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