How Hearing Aids Reduce Tinnitus

How Hearing Aids Reduce Tinnitus

Hearing aids can help if you have tinnitus. Here’s how.

Tinnitus is not terribly uncommon in the United States. Pronounced TINN-i-tus, it is the name for all of the ringing, buzzing, and whistling that people sometimes hear in their ears. Unfortunately, a small percentage of the population has tinnitus constantly instead of intermittently. Most of the time, people who experience tinnitus also have some form of hearing loss. Here is how hearing aids reduce tinnitus. 

Tinnitus Masking

There is no cure for tinnitus, but hearing aids reduce tinnitus by masking its sound. If someone has hearing loss, the hearing aids can help bring out the otherwise quieter background noises and avert the patient’s attention from the constant ringing to those ambient noises. Some modern hearing aids come with tinnitus masking technology, infused with white noise or other soothing sounds to swallow up the ringing. These hearing aid devices can suit the wearer’s needs and are prescribed and fitted by an audiologist.

Auditory Stimulation

Auditory stimulation is another way that hearing aids reduce tinnitus. For some reason, damage in the inner ear might communicate to the brain that sound is coming its way when there isn’t any. Because of the false signal, the brain creates its own sound. Or perhaps sound waves are coming through to the brain, but the ears do not process it correctly. In any case, hearing aids improve sound wave transmission and give the brain the real auditory stimulation it is looking for, helping to quiet those unnecessary sounds.

Communication Improvement

Lastly, hearing aids help with communication. Hearing aids do their job: they help one hear better through sound amplification. Amplified sounds reduce the prominence of tinnitus, and thus reduce the patient’s stress. Clearer sounds and less stress aid in better communication with the world around a person; it is easier to engage with a television show, a conversation, and a phone call. This greater connection with others is one of the crucial reasons why hearing aids are so worth it.

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