How Long Does Vertigo Last?


Are balance problems permanent? How long does vertigo last?

Vertigo or balance issues of any kind can stem from many sources, but one of the major possibilities is a disruption or injury in the inner ear. Our inner ears control our sense of balance, of up and of down. It is amazing just how much our ears calibrate our sense of gravity without us thinking about it. If you have any kind of balance issue, you might be wondering how long it would last. How long does vertigo last? Is it a sign of permanent damage? Here’s what you can know.

How Long Does Vertigo Last?

Vertigo and balance issues usually go away on their own, but in some cases may require physical therapy and possibly medication. Vertigo of any degree can last between a few seconds to a few months. With proper rest and treatment, you can expect the vertigo to disappear sooner than later.

Balance Disorders and Hearing Loss

Hearing damage can cause balance problems. Older adults are more likely to have hearing loss and therefore more likely to lose balance and sustain an injury. Even toddlers with hearing loss display more balance problems compared to children without hearing loss. If you are an adult and suddenly noticed you can’t balance properly after exposure to loud or moderate, constant noise, then you have likely sustained hearing damage.

Are Balance Problems a Sign of Permanent Hearing Loss?

Hearing damage is a complex subject, since in some cases, it can seem like you can hear normally except for in specific circumstances, like in crowded places. Hearing damage can be permanent or temporary; it is possible to recover your hearing naturally in some instances. If you know that loud noise exposure caused your balance issues, do not compromise. Stay away from those triggers. More often than not, it is impossible to repair our hearing once there is damage.

Rest, eat healthy, and stay away from loud or constant noise. If the balance issues continue and affect your daily life, see your local audiologist. In Baltimore and Columbia, MD, Clarity Audiology is happy to help.

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