How Not to Clean Your Ears

How Not to Clean Your Ears

Among the ways to clean one’s ears, there are several ways not to clean one’s ears.

In recent times the need to clean our ears has become a subject of debate. Medical experts have advice on the matter, and inventors have created ear cleaning products that may or may not help. Here’s an outline on how not to clean your ears.

When Is Cleaning Necessary?

According to medical professionals today, cleaning out your ears of ear wax is not only not necessary, but almost unhealthy. Ear wax is a beneficial part of the human anatomy and is itself, like mucus in the nose, nature’s way of self-cleaning dirt and debris from our system. Ear wax even drains itself from our ears eventually. The only time you must clean your ears is when there is an excessive amount of ear wax build-up. It is best to go to your doctor or audiologist to get this wholly and safely removed.

Don’t Use Cotton Swabs

Along with the above medical advice on when to clean your ears, many people now see cotton swabs as a big no-no for removing ear wax. These instruments have reportedly caused more harm than good. The maxim now is, “Don’t stick anything into your ear that’s smaller than your elbow.” If you must use a cotton swab, it is safest to only use it to clean the outer ear.

Don’t Use Ear Candles

Likewise, ear candles are an infamous method of cleaning ears. Typically, someone will lie on his or her side and insert the bottom of a lit candle into the desired ear. A piece of cardboard keeps the wax from dripping onto the person’s head. In theory, the smoke exhausted from the bottom of the candle melts the ear wax and makes it easier for it to all drain out. This does not work. However, a generous rinsing with a warm towel will make ear wax softer.

Proper Ear Irrigation

Another method of cleaning ears is called ear irrigation. This method does work, if you do it properly. It does not work unless you first soften the ear wax, which can be done with warm water, as mentioned above. Ear wax softeners are available at pharmacies. However, you may want to check with your doctor if it is safe for you to use ones that have hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient. Ear irrigators use water or a saline solution to clean the ears. Use a warm liquid to avoid dizziness. Avoid this method completely if you have diabetes, a lowered immune system, or have a punctured eardrum

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