How to Limit Noise Pollution in Your Home

noise pollution

Are you tired of all the noise pollution when you’re at home? With these tips, you will be able to live at home more peacefully and quietly.

Depending on where you live noise pollution is the normality in the world today. When you move to a new home at first, you notice trains riding by or airplanes flying overhead but as time goes on these noises become background noise and you never notice it. When you have hearing loss or live with someone with hearing loss, you’ll see that those background noise can affect the person with hearing loss. Also, noise pollution is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. With these tips, you will learn how to limit the noise pollution in your home and give your family member with hearing loss a better life.  

Plant Trees

If your home is located on a busy road, you know the annoyance of hearing cars go by your home all day and all night. One natural way you can block out the noise is to plant trees. Not only are you helping the environment and making your home more aesthetically pleasing, but trees are nature’s sound barrier. If you want all year sound protection plant some evergreen trees because they keep their leaves all year round, unlike most trees which lose their leaves in the fall. Also, plant trees that have already reached a certain height you’re looking for so you won’t have to wait for the trees to grow to block out the sound fully.  

Turn Off the Electronics

As we spoke about before, no matter how loud the noise is, once you’re used to it, it becomes background noise. That goes, especially for your electronics. In today’s society, electronic devices have enhanced their ability not to be as loud as they once were many years ago. No matter if it’s the sound of the fan in your laptop or your ice machine in your refrigerator, your electronics are making more sounds than you know. Instead of allowing your gaming console or laptop to run throughout the day when you’re not using them, turn them off. Although this may not seem to be a huge factor in your noise pollution problem the next time you have a power outage pay attention to the noises you don’t hear.  


For those lucky enough to live in a home rather than an apartment or a condo you don’t have to endure as much noise pollution as other. People living in condos and apartments have to hear their neighbor when above or below them stomp around at different times in the day, or the neighbor has a screaming match with their significant other. Most apartment and condominium buildings should have some soundproofing material in between the walls, but at times more is needed. If you’re tired of neighbors knocking into walls, put a large piece of furniture like a bookcase against the wall to absorb some of the transferring sounds.

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