How to Protect Your Ears While Listening to Music

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Are you a fan of listening to music on your earbuds but listen at a high volume? Here are some tips as to why that might not be the best for your hearing and how you can still enjoy your music at a reasonable volume. 

Now that it’s getting warmer outside people can now enjoy the weather more than during the summer. One of the best things to do while out and about is listening to music especially while jogging or working out outside. Although the volume in which people listen to their music can affect their hearing and possibly damage it in the future. These instances can happen if the person is wearing earbuds. Although earbuds are perfect for a long drive, train trip or flight and are easy to travel with, they can impact your hearing detrimentally and could cause hearing loss or tinnitus over time. With these few tips, you can enjoy your favorite songs at a moderate level of volume while still protecting your hearing from any potential damage. 

Maintain Volume

We all have that one song that we love so much we crank it up all the way to enjoy it even more. This wouldn’t affect a person’s hearing if you were driving or riding in someone’s car, but if you’re listening to it on your earbuds, this can have adverse effects to your hearing. The easiest way to protect your ears is to listen to your music on a moderate volume. If you do listen to your music at 100% volume, you run the risk of damaging your eardrums especially if you do it countless times. By turning down the music to just 80%, you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite song or album while also protecting your hearing.

Choose the Right Headphones

Today the headphone market is vast and gives customers many options of picking the right headphones or earbuds to enjoy your music. One style of a headphone that is perfect for helping to save your hearing is noise canceling headphones. Although they are a bit more expensive with noise canceling headphones, they cancel out the noise pollution thus allowing you to enjoy your music without having to increase the volume to cancel out any other noise that may be around you.


If you don’t change your ways of how you listen to music at a high volume you run the risk of getting tinnitus. This disease happens whenever a person is around loud noises for a long period and is a universal symptom of hearing loss. Another symptom of tinnitus is hearing a ringing in the ears if you notice the ringing becoming persistent visit your audiologist.

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