Listening Fatigue and Your Hearing

Listening Fatigue and Your Hearing

Listening fatigue is real. With hearing loss, the problem becomes harder.

Listening fatigue can happen to anyone, especially in this day and age. Sounds are constantly around us, either through background noise, videos, TV, or video calls. All that noise can tire a person out. However, this phenomenon will take a worse toll and sooner for those who have hearing loss. Below, you’ll see what listening fatigue is, how hearing loss makes it worse, and what you can do about it.

Signs of Listening Fatigue

Listening fatigue is the condition in which your brain processes sounds but can’t translate them as it normally would due to overwork. This is one of the signs of listening fatigue. Another sign is that you have trouble hearing high-pitched noises. Additionally, it may be difficult for you to bear loud or noisy environments. Any more active sounds in your environment just become frustrating. 

Why Hearing Loss Makes It Worse

This can happen to any person, whether they have hearing loss or not, but with hearing loss, the symptoms become worse. Without the ears’ full ability to hear, the brain must work harder to translate every sound. When the brain must work harder for a long period, it will tire out faster than the average person’s brain. The ears and the brain are closely linked, so it is vital to take care of one’s hearing health to care for one’s brain.

How to Combat Listening Fatigue

No matter whether you have hearing loss or you are in good hearing health, there are several ways to deal with listening fatigue. Overall, one should simply take a break. Take out your hearing aids for a few minutes if you have any, take a power nap, take a quiet walk, or enjoy a quiet activity. Instead of watching TV, read a book or play a quiet game instead. A break could be as simple as stepping outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Get Hearing Help!

Breaks are important, but they won’t help with hearing loss in the long run. The brain automatically overworks and can even lose some of its function when hearing is diminished. Just as one would go to the eye doctor for blurred vision, every person benefits their hearing and life when going to an audiologist for hearing loss help. 

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