Overlooked Causes of Hearing Loss

causes of hearing loss

It’s important to be aware of potential causes of hearing loss.

Hearing is an essential component of our daily lives. It’s how we communicate, enjoy music, and are signaled by oncoming dangers. It’s crucial that we take steps to avoid hearing loss as we grow older. Because hearing loss is often gradual, it’s easy to overlook complications that could damage or impair our hearing later down the road. Remember, you’re never too young to be vigilant about potential signs of hearing loss. Consider getting regular hearing tests from your healthcare provider to catch problems early.

Types of Hearing Loss

Before we can talk about what causes hearing loss it’s important to review the two types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss relates to issues within the outer ear: the ear canal, eardrum, middle ear, or the small bones (stapes, incus, malleus) within the ear. Conductive hearing loss is less common, but can still cause temporary or permanent impairment. The second, and most common type of hearing loss is sensorineural. Sensorineural hearing loss refers to hearing loss in the inner ear or by neural dysfunctions. This type of hearing loss occurs when the tiny hair-like cells in the inner ear or auditory nerve are damaged such that they can no longer transmit sound to the brain.

Causes: Conductive Hearing Loss

  • Accumulation of earwax.
  • Foreign obstructions within the ear.
  • A tumor interfering with the functions of the ear.
  • Deformed outer or middle ear structure.
  • Fluid trapped within the middle ear due to an unrelated illness such as colds and sinus infections.
  • Congestion from hayfever or other allergens.
  • Otosclerosis, the overgrowth of bones that assist in our ability to hear properly.
  • Otitis Media, an infection in the middle ear from accumulated fluids.

Causes: Sensorineural Hearing Loss

  • Frequent exposure to loud noises.
  • Genetic hearing loss.
  • Deformation of the inner ear.
  • Head trauma that damages the inner ear.
  • Hearing loss due to aging.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Disease or viruses that affect the inner ear.
  • Otosclerosis.

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