“Practical” Versus “Pretty”? Discovering the Real Pluses and Minuses of In-The-Ear (ITE) Type Hearing Aids

When shopping for a hearing aid a loved one or for yourself you’ll encounter a range of designs and shapes, and one of the most common is In-the-Ear (ITE). These tiny devices are made to fit in the lower portion of the outer ear, making them a comfortable choice for listeners with mild to moderate hearing problems. What follow is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the in-the-ear hearing aid style.

An in-the-ear hearing aid is a small device that is custom-made to fit your ear shape. If you choose to use this type of device, your hearing professional will use a mold to make sure it fits your ear perfectly. This tailor-fit is to ensure that the aid produces high quality sound and to eliminate feedback, but it offers the additional advantage of being very comfortable. All the components needed for this type of hearing aid are stored in a single case, eliminating the need for wires and tubes. Overall they are easy to use being very lightweight and comfortable.

ITE devices are especially capable of picking up high-frequency sounds. This enhanced ability to collect and focus high-frequency sounds is a result of their location inside rather than behind the outer ear. ITE devices are also recessed far enough into the ear that headsets and telephones can usually be used normally. The in-the-ear device is very small. Their small size has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

The devices are easy to camouflage in the ear, making them a good choice for wearers who are self-conscious about their need for a hearing aid. But, the small size also limits the size of the battery and optional features that can be included inside the case. People with poor motor control or eyesight problems may have difficulty replacing the battery or operating the controls.

As with all the hearing aid styles available, in-the-ear hearing aid has both advantages and disadvantages. For help choosing the best hearing aid style for your hearing loss and lifestyle give us a call.

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