Reasons to Wear Ear Protection

Reasons to Wear Ear Protection

Ear protection is key; Clarity Audiology can help!

Ear protection is more important than one might realize, especially at an early age. Loud and constant, moderate noises abound in our modern world, such as music, concerts, power tools, sirens, and much more. The need to care for our ears starts at a young age, but it is never too late to begin. Here are two main reasons why it is best to wear ear protection.

You Can’t Regain Your Hearing

Unfortunately, no one has yet discovered how to restore natural hearing. In some cases, hearing loss can occur when the inner ear becomes damaged from loud noise exposure, among other possible causes like medication and TBI. The sound waves can damage the tiny hairs inside the cochlea, and this damage is permanent.

Even mild hearing loss can have a significant impact on one’s health and life; it can even become easier to lose balance due to mild hearing loss! Over time, and depending on the condition, one might have trouble hearing in loud rooms, large rooms, and also in relatively quiet situations. Hearing loss can impact one’s social life and balance, and hearing aids can certainly improve the situation drastically, but one must understand that hearing aids are not the same as natural hearing.

What Hearing Gives Us

As alluded to above, sharp hearing preserves our health and social life. Our hearing allows us to filter out background noise from whatever we are focusing on, and to hear clearly what we are listening to. It lets us hear the full range of sounds that life affords, sounds that those with untreated hearing loss often missed the most: the sound of loved ones’ footsteps, bird songs, music, etc. One of our five senses, hearing lets us connect with the world and other people in a mighty way, which improves our overall happiness.

How Clarity Audiology Can Help

Clarity Audiology doesn’t only treat hearing loss with today’s most advanced technologies; we also provide hearing protection! If you need custom earplugs for any reason, such as for your profession or for health and lifestyle, contact us!

Trust the Experts at Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions

Need help with your hearing? Clarity Hearing can help. Clarity Audiology & Hearing Solutions is an independently owned and operated clinic that focuses on quality of care and personalized, friendly service to the surrounding areas of Ellicott City, Catonsville, Columbia. Our Doctors of Audiology are highly trained with advanced degrees and take the time to provide the personalized care and attention that you need and deserve. We provide advanced hearing aid options that are personally calibrated with cutting-edge digital technology to fit your hearing loss, your unique ear anatomy, and your individual listening needs.

You can call us today to schedule a FREE Hearing Protection Consultation at 410-698-6594! For more blog posts, news, and updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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