Risks of Delaying Hearing Loss Treatment

Risks of Delaying Hearing Loss Treatment

What happens when you delay getting hearing loss treatment? Find out more here.

Hearing loss is a condition with many myths surrounding it, and there are many reasons why people don’t seek help for it. Hearing loss might seem inconsequential, but a recent study by Johns Hopkins found that delaying treatment of even mild hearing loss can have serious consequences. Below are the risks of delaying hearing loss treatment and reasons that many put it off.

What Are the Risks?

There are at least three major risks of delaying hearing loss treatment: dementia and poor mental health. Let’s take a look at each.

Dementia is the loss of cognitive function over time. It typically involves forgetfulness, lack of judgment, and the impairment of daily functioning in general. How do the ears connect with this condition? When we hear, it is mainly our brains that do the hearing. Our ears are just instruments that help channel sound to the brain to interpret and balance. When our ears lose their function, signals stop going to the brain. When that part of the brain isn’t used anymore, it will atrophy. Likewise, straining to hear can cause the brain to wear out and lose function.

There is also a social aspect to hearing loss that affects health, even if you have mild hearing loss or only have trouble hearing in crowded rooms. Without the ability to hear, it is harder to communicate. It is easy for both parties to get frustrated and for the one with hearing loss to self-isolate. Isolation causes mental health decline, which can also cause physical decline.

Why People Might Delay Treatment

If people with hearing loss risk developing dementia and social isolation, what is holding them back? First, there’s the cost. Hearing aids can be expensive, but when they are that critical to maintaining health, they are a worthy investment. Ask Clarity Audiology about their financing options.

Second, they might not think their hearing is that bad. This is like saying your eyesight isn’t that bad when you can’t read the street sign. It is best to aim for the best hearing possible.

Third, wearing a hearing aid is a sign of old age or disability, and it looks ugly. Hearing loss can happen to anyone for a myriad of reasons, including head injuries, noise exposure, genetics, medication, and yes, age. Even so, hearing aid technology has soared to new proportions today. Many earpieces are practically invisible!

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