Should You See an ENT Doctor or an Audiologist?

ENT doctor or audiologist

Who do you see: ENT doctor or audiologist?

Hearing issues, or really any problems with your ears for that matter, should get checked out regularly. The only real question is, should you see an ENT Doctor or an audiologist? Different doctors will attempt different types of treatment, so that is important to remember. Read on to find out more about who you need, an ENT doctor or audiologist.

ENT Doctor or Audiologist? That is the Question!

Why You Should See an ENT Doctor

An ENT doctor is a specialist in ears, nose, and throat issues. They can diagnose and treat any problems affecting those parts of the body. Another name for them is otolaryngologists, as they are also doctors who can treat you for disorders of both the head and the neck. ENT doctors can be very highly educated, many holding Ph.D degrees, as they are licensed surgeons. The procedures that they can perform include the following:

  • Ear tube surgery
  • Otoplasty (which is surgical correction of protruding ears)
  • Tonsillectomy (surgically removing the tonsils)

More common conditions of head and neck can be treated as well:

  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Earaches
  • Sinusitis
  • And more!

But what issues should prompt you to visit an ENT Doctor?

  • Earwax problems, such as buildup issues
  • Hearing loss possibly connected to your current or preexisting medical conditions
  • Other related symptoms, such as ringing in your ears, headaches, or sinus pressure

Why You Should See an Audiologist

While it may not seem like there is a difference, audiologists are distinct from ENT doctors. Audiology is the science of hearing, and the study behind it. At the least, every audiologist holds a master’s degree in this discipline. However, many practicing audiologists do choose to gain even more education, and earn a doctorate in their field as well. This doctorate degree is considered an equal to a standard Ph.D, and is called a Doctor of Audiology.

Audiologists will mainly test your hearing and attempt to discover the reason why you may be suffering hearing loss. Here’s what should prompt you to go and see an audiologist:

  • Complaints of losing ability to hear
  • Slow, but noticeable hearing loss
  • No prior medical conditions that can be associated with hearing loss

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