Self-Care to Prevent Hearing Loss

Self-Care to Prevent Hearing Loss

Keep your ears sharp and strong with these self-care tips!

Self-care is well worth it. You are worth it! All aspects of our health contribute to our overall well-being. Should any part of our body suffer, the whole body suffers. This principle is certainly true concerning our hearing, one of the five senses that we use to access the world around us. Hearing loss is more prevalent than one might think, but taking care of yourself can help you avoid it. Below are several tips for self-care to prevent hearing loss.

Avoid Loud Noises

Self-care to prevent hearing loss starts with the most obvious: avoiding loud noises. Noises at a certain decibel level can injure the inner ear upon impact. Constant noises like lawnmowers and blenders can also damage the ears when exposed to them for more than several minutes. If you cannot avoid the sounds, you should use ear protection.

Take Breaks from Noises

Sound has become more present in our daily lives than ever before. More people are exposed to audial media than ever. Examples include TV, podcasts, audiobooks, music, movies, and online videos. Take intentional breaks from all the noise to avoid hearing loss fatigue.

Eat Well

Our diet can play a vital role in our hearing health. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein will help to combat all kinds of illnesses and keep the ears strong. Everyone’s ideal diet is different, so it is best to consult with a dietician if necessary. When your whole body is strong, your ears do better.

Stay Active

Exercise is also a great way to help keep the blood circulating in your ears. Good circulation is essential to functioning ears, and if circulation suffers, your ears will be the first indicators of a problem. Poor circulation can lead to permanent hearing loss as the hairs in the cochlea wither.

Play Games

Meanwhile, playing puzzle games can help your brain stay sharp and your hearing sharp too. The brain plays a significant role in hearing, so a sharp mind is necessary to hear well. When hearing loss occurs, cognitive decline becomes far more likely.


Self-care for preventing hearing loss also involves listening and having an open mind. It can be difficult if family members and friends think you have hearing loss. However, if it does become harder for you to communicate with each other, the best solution is to be direct and work out your problems with a listening ear.

Get a Hearing Test

Our ability to hear keeps us connected with the world and the people around us. If you start to have trouble hearing, you can endure social isolation, increased fatigue, and depression. Getting a hearing test and treatment is the best dose of self-care for preventing hearing loss that you can give yourself. 

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