Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids All the Time?

Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids All the Time?

Is it really worth wearing hearing aids all the time? Definitely! Here’s why.

It is not uncommon for people who get hearing aids to hardly ever wear them. They have the evaluation, the fitting, and the checkups, but sooner or later they leave their hearing devices in their cases for a long time. Are you one of them? It is better to wear these devices regularly; here’s why one should wear their hearing aids all the time.

It Improves Your Overall Health


Hearing aids help more than just your hearing; they also help with your brain health. Your brain is the organ that truly allows you to hear, processing speech from electric signals sent from the inner ear through a connective nerve. Keeping your hearing health in check clinically reduces the likelihood of dementia.


Wearing your hearing aids all the time can also brighten your mood in general. The ability to hear enables you to regain one of your most vital connections to the world around you. Those who have hearing aids are less likely than those with untreated hearing loss to develop depression.


Did you know that people with mild hearing loss are significantly more likely to have a fall? The inner ear is where you get your sense of balance. Balance disorders can cause hearing loss, and hearing loss can cause balance disorders. When the hearing is sound, one is more likely to see the world upright.

It Helps You Hear

Of course, hearing devices do help you hear better when crafted by a professional audiologist. It connects you with background sounds, natural sounds, other people’s voices, and much more. Sound makes up an enormous part of our world and it is worth hearing. 

Sounds like the fire alarm, the oven timer, and police siren are all important, but speech is also one of the most essential sounds you want to hear. Hearing loss often impacts communication and can lead to frustration and social isolation that doesn’t have to be there. If you need a local audiologist in Baltimore, MD, contact us!

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