Signs It’s Time to See an Audiologist

Signs It’s Time to See an Audiologist

Due to various reasons, our hearing can lessen with time. These are the signs to look for.

You’ve been able to hear perfectly fine all your life. Still, your loved ones might have been mentioning to you that you don’t seem to be able to hear as well as you used to. There are several tell-tale signs that hearing loss has occurred. There are also reasons why it is important to get your ears checked by a reputable audiologist when you learn that you do have some form of hearing loss. Below is an explanation of the various signs of hearing loss, potential causes of hearing loss, and why it is important to see an audiologist.

Signs of Hearing Loss

The symptoms one may experience when having difficulty hearing are pretty straightforward. Signs include:

  • People’s voices sounding muffled
  • Trouble hearing conversations in crowded rooms
  • Difficulty hearing a speaker in a large room
  • Turning up the TV or radio
  • Hard to hear consonants
  • Difficulty hearing alarms, doorbells, telephone calls, etc.
  • Inability to tell where a sound is coming from
  • Asking others to repeat what they said, or speak slowly and louder

The most common consequences for these types of limitations are a withdrawal from conversations and avoidance of social settings.

Causes of Hearing Loss

The causes of hearing loss can range from temporary to permanent. Hearing loss derives from a certain part of the ear, or even from the brain. The three main types of hearing loss are: conductive, sensorineural, and mixed (a combination of the two.) The problem may be ear wax build-up, a conductive type, or it may be related to age (presbycusis.) Hearing loss can also result from an ear infection, exposure to loud noise, or even a disorder in the brain, wherein sounds cannot be translated properly. Even if a form of hearing loss is permanent, though, a remedy still exists.

Why See an Audiologist?

The consequences of not being able to hear properly can be significant. When someone cannot hear conversations properly, they are missing out on sharing life with their loved ones. A lack of hearing can also be dangerous, as one might get confused or not be able to respond in traffic or to alarms at home. An audiologist will be able to properly assess your hearing and help you make the most informed choice on what to do next.

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