Signs of Child Hearing Loss

Signs of Child Hearing Loss

Read on for the common causes and signs of child hearing loss.

Do you believe your child might be suffering from hearing loss? If you think your child might have an auditory issue, it is best to take action as soon as possible. Much of how we establish culture and bonds comes from vocal and aural cues. If your child is dealing with a hearing issue, taking action now can help you either find a cure or develop a plan to help them thrive. 

What Causes Childhood Hearing Loss?

An excellent place to start in determining this is to learn the potential ways your child may develop a hearing issue. There are several natural and unnatural causes for why someone of any age might lose some of their hearing. Besides having a hearing loss since birth, many illnesses can cause hearing loss as well. Other common causes of hearing loss include loud noises, earwax build-up, and objects blocking the ear canal. Toddlers, in particular, love to shove foreign objects where they shouldn’t –including their ears. 

Signs Of Hearing Loss 

Whether your child has lost some of his or her hearing over time or has had it since birth, certain signs can tell you if this is really is the case. First, your child may not respond when spoken to or may show difficulty in hearing the TV. He or she may also begin to ask you to repeat information more often. If the hearing loss is in one ear only, your child may start using the “good ear” and turn their head to listen. If in school, their teacher may notice that they are not able to focus as well, and their grades may drop. Other signs include speaking louder or relying more on visual clues to respond appropriately.

What Should You Do Next? 

Do you suspect your child might have some of these symptoms? Has he or she been in any scenarios in which hearing loss might result? If you do think your child is suffering from hearing loss, head to an audiologist as soon as possible. The sooner you are able to identify and address the auditory issue, the better.  

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