Sounds That People With Hearing Loss Miss Out On

hearing loss

Hearing loss causes people suffering from it to miss out on so many sounds frequent in everyday life.

Hearing loss causes people suffering from it to miss out on so many sounds frequent in everyday life. In this blog we will explore what those sounds are. Because hearing loss is such a prevalent issue in our society, this is a subject really worth investigating. Read on to learn more about the sounds that people with hearing loss miss out on.

Some Quick Facts About Hearing Loss

Hearing itself is highly dependent on the individual. As always, there could be multiple reasons why you could have this condition. There are four different categories of hearing loss to take into consideration, such as:

  • Conductive: Mostly associated with aging, conductive is where sounds cannot pass through the inner ear and reach the brain. Thus, they can’t be interpreted at all, correctly or not.
  • Sensorineural: This type regards any damage to or defects of the inner ear or the auditory nerve. Causes of this type include congenital disorders, diseases, or some kind of trauma.
  • Mixed: Mixed hearing loss occurs when both conductive and sensorineural are co-morbid.
  • Auditory Disorder: When the inner ear itself is damaged, it hampers the brain’s ability to interpret any sounds at all.

High Frequencies

Sometimes, hearing loss is only at higher frequencies of sound. The threshold for the higher frequencies is at 2,000 hertz. This type of hearing loss makes understanding words much more difficult. Programs on TV or words heard during conversation will sound muted, distorted, or unclear. Words with the consonants such as S, H, and F typically fall in the range of 1,500 to 6,000 hertz, and thus are by far the most affected.

Low Frequencies

Loss of hearing can also affect low frequencies as well. This sort of hearing loss involves the sensorineural type of hearing loss. Sounds lower than 2,000 hertz are affected at this range. Causes of this include genetic or congenital defects.

Softer Tones of Sound

Softer tones will need amplification, which is why hearing aids are so immensely useful as devices to help compensate for hearing loss.

Ongoing Conversations in Noisy Settings

Background noise and any other ongoing sounds, such as conversation, in noisy settings can be distracting and upsetting. Normal, undamaged hair cells inside the inner ear will take over for damaged cells but cause excessive loudness.

Any Speech At All

When hearing loss is severe enough, the listener cannot hear any speech at all. A hearing test  can help determine how severe hearing loss is.

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