How Technology Affects Hearing Loss

How Technology Affects Hearing Loss

While technology is great for our busy lifestyles, it can be terrible when it comes to hearing loss.

Technology such as digital hearing aids can be a great tool for treating hearing loss. Digital hearing aids have developed alongside many other devices that we use on a daily basis. We take for granted how well we can hear. But noise is everywhere, whether we are commuting and hear music blasting from the headphones of someone sitting near you, or noise coming from televisions when you walk into a crowded bar or restaurant. While technology is great for our busy lifestyles, it can be terrible when it comes to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Affects Younger People

Hearing loss is sneaky. You might not notice it until it’s too late. Younger people might not think they can develop hearing loss. But for people ages 20 to 39, who might think their hearing is untouchable, they can develop hearing loss too. Loud noises at younger ages might not seem to have an effect, but there is no cure for hearing loss.

How do younger people expose themselves loud noises and potential hearing loss? By visiting noisy places such as music venues and restaurants. Office environments can be noisy too, as can industrial or construction work. Advances in movie theater technology have made them louder places too. Most movies tend to stay below 85 decibels, but certain scenes can be louder than that. Younger people can endure these loud noises, but they might walk away from it with a certain ringing in their ears, which can be another symptom of hearing loss.

What Earbuds Can Do

Listening to devices with earbuds in has become extremely popular. Audio formats such as podcasts and streaming music services make it easier to listen to something wherever you go. When listening to a device with earbuds in, it’s best to keep the volume down. You should only listen to devices at 60 percent volume for 60 minutes in a single day to protect your hearing. If the volume needs to be turned up, spend as little time listening at that volume as possible. Earbuds funnel sound directly into your ears. Preventing damage to your ears can also help prevent damage to your hearing.

Consider Using Digital Hearing Aids

Because younger people are starting to lose their hearing, digital hearing aids are becoming increasingly common among younger users. About 20% of women between the ages of 20 and 39 have had some sort of hearing loss due to high volumes. For the same age group, 32% of men have reported the same issues. With digital hearing aids becoming smaller and less noticeable, there is also less worry about how their users will look. This means that users can be more confident in their appearance, and the chances of digital hearing aid wearers improving their hearing is also looking up.

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