The Multiple Functions Of Digital Earplugs

There have been many advances in the realm of hearing health over the last few decades. While hearing aids have gotten a great deal of attention, preventative methods have evolved alongside of them to help individuals save their hearing. One of the most beneficial forms of hearing devices that have been developed are digital ear plugs, devices that use technology to prevent and filter sound in a variety of job environments. In this article we will examine the ways that these devices function, specific tasks that they can perform, and the industries in which they have been tested and found successful.

How Do They Work?

Digital ear plugs have several primary functions and use technology to achieve these ends. Of course, the first level of protection that an ear plug can provide is the ability to prevent some sounds from entering the ear canal entirely. However, while the old foam ear plugs could do this, modern ear plugs use technology to completely prevent sounds from entering the ear canal. Also, they have technology built into them to prevent certain frequencies into the ear, and can also protect individuals against sustained amounts of loud noise by integrating periodic listening points.

Specific Tasks

Digital ear plugs come with an incredible amount of versatility so that they can be used in many different areas of life. For example, while they are able to protect your hearing at a concert by blocking sounds, they are also able to boost the hearing ability for certain types of sounds. This means that the ear plugs will filter certain sounds, and can amplify others. Many other ear plugs also come with a device that allows sound to occur in certain decibel levels, but once the limit is reached, blocks that sound completely. We will look at some of the ways that this technology can be used in daily life.

Who Benefits From Digital Ear Plugs?

Some of the loudest environments occur in the lives of soldiers and first responders. Emergencies generate an incredible amount of noise, and first responders need to protect their hearing while minimizing the amount of distractions. That is why the stop gate technology in these ear plugs is perfect for them- only exposing them to certain amounts and types of sound. After all, constant noise is not only distracting, but dangerous.
For soldiers, digital ear plugs can also provide protection when they are firing their weapon or trying to hear a conversation. After all, these devices can prevent high decibel noise from permeating into the ear, but can also boost the sound level of conversational tones, allowing communication to occur in the most dire situations. Industrial work, police, and construction sites also benefit from this sort of technology, allowing for communication and protection to occur simultaneously.

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