Things that Make Tinnitus Worse

Things that Make Tinnitus Worse

If you have any form of tinnitus, here are a few ways to keep it from getting worse.

Tinnitus, the infamous ringing in the ears, can either be constant for some or come and go for others, in some cases just in one ear. If you have heard the whistling, you may have noticed that some circumstances seem to aggravate it. Is it just in your mind? No, several things do make tinnitus worse.

Loud Noises

Whether one suffers from tinnitus or not, loud noises can induce hearing loss in anyone. Loud noises can occur around the home, such as from a lawn mower or a blender, and also outside the home, such as at construction zones or live concerts. If you have tinnitus and listen to music through earbuds or headphones, you may want to remove them. The high concentration of sound in your ears can make tinnitus worse. If you are in a loud setting, either move away from the source of the noise or wear protective earplugs. 


Some medications can also make tinnitus worse for you. Types of these medications include antibiotics, cancer medications, antidepressants, over-the-counter pain relievers, and diuretics. Medications that affect the ears are called “ototoxic.” If you believe your prescription is the cause of worsened tinnitus, talk to your doctor before you stop taking it.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another aggravator of ringing ears. Blood pressure can increase due to a variety of factors, such as heart health, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and stress. If you think you may need to change some habits, now is a good time to do so. Tinnitus may lead to stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, trouble concentrating, and depression. Seek ways to calm yourself and get the help you need.


Lastly, earwax build-up can also lead to or make tinnitus worse. Earwax has its purposes for your ear health, but too much of it can irritate the eardrum and amplify symptoms. Keep your ears clean, protected against loud sounds, and in tune with healthy habits to keep your tinnitus under control.

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