Tips for Dealing with a Tinnitus Condition

Tips for Dealing with a Tinnitus Condition

We’ve often discussed the various aspects of the troublesome hearing condition known as tinnitus. Here are some helpful tips on how to deal when you have tinnitus.

We’ve often discussed the various aspects of the troublesome hearing condition known as tinnitus. We’ve dispelled some myths and explained how it happens, but if you have to live with it, you might be at wit’s end looking for some new and unexpectedly effective solution. Here are some helpful tips on how to deal when you have tinnitus.

Some Possible Causes

Too Much Earwax: You might have too much earwax, and your ears are trying to tell you something.

Hearing Loss: When you have suffered hearing loss, your brain might be trying to compensate. That tinnitus condition you have might just be a so-called “phantom sound”, similar to a phantom limb sensation after an amputation procedure.

Excessive Anxiety: Another reason you might be experiencing tinnitus that you are overcome with anxiety or nervousness. Is this the case?

How Do You Live?

Depending on how long you’ve had the condition, you might have learned how to tune it out. Even so, anywhere between 20 and 50% of tinnitus sufferers can’t ignore it. What parts of their lives and functions are affected by it?

  • How well they sleep.
  • How well they concentrate.
  • How much time they miss from work or school.
  • How well they get along with friends and family.

Dealing With It

A device called a sound stimulus provider presents an intriguing solution to reducing the discomfort associated with this hearing condition. However, to get one, you will have to consult with your specialist at Clarity Audiology along with an ENT doctor. Although promising, these devices can potentially be too costly for you. Thus, hearing aids might be a more reasonable alternative.

Another solution you could try includes cognitive behavior therapy or CBT. CBT can assist you in several ways:

Relaxing: If you have trouble sleeping, relaxation techniques can help you unwind enough to get some rest. These techniques can also help you if you feel far too stressed out to function, or if you have severe mood swings.

Deep breathing: An example of these relaxation techniques includes deep breathing. Taking several deep breaths, breathing in and then breathing out again, have both been proven to help you relax.

Keeping a journal:By keeping a journal in whichever format you choose, you can make sense of your tinnitus episodes. You can determine when these incidents are at their worst, and when they are so minimal you barely notice them happening.

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