Ways to Reduce Stress with Sound

How Silence Helps Hearing Health

In stressful times, our sense of hearing can sooth nerves.

Stress has been a problem for humanity for millennia. Stress, anxiety, and depression are things to combat for all, especially during stressful times. Needless to say, people have endured wars, depressions, recessions, and epidemics, not to mention triggers in personal life. While the ultimate cure for stress is internal peace, there are ways to reduce stress with sound that can aid in overall wellbeing.

Tips for Reducing Stress through the Sense of Hearing

Listen to Calming Music

Music speaks to the soul what words cannot convey. Listening to calming music, especially without lyrics, has a truly relaxing effect. Today, you can find countless options, from classical to lo-fi to liminal. Even computer game music can be relaxing. Human beings need music, but its quality can change everything. Create a playlist of your favorites or discover new ones.

Listen to Nature Sounds

Researchers have found that green spaces and blue spaces have an immense impact on mental and physical health. Green spaces are natural landscapes, while blue spaces involve natural bodies of water. There are also green and blue spaces, which incorporate both. Not only do these spaces improve wellbeing visually but aurally as well. Listening to rain fall, birds sing, or crickets chirp has a soothing effect.

Reduce Noise Pollution

You don’t need a national upheaval to get stressed. It could be as simple as noise pollution, sounds that impinge on someone’s ability to have a clear, focused mind. Constant background noise like traffic, urban sounds, and construction work can cause people to subconsciously have a higher heart rate, higher blood pressure, and high levels of stress hormones. These negative effects ultimately wear out the body if left unchecked. 

How can you reduce noise pollution? If there is no way to stop your local noise pollution, you can invest in sound-proofing materials for walls, noise-canceling headphones, and routine nature or park visits. Remember to be mindful of what noise pollution you might be contributing to limit distractions and stress.

Care for Your Hearing

Lastly, care for your hearing health, the very organs that help you hear soothing sounds and connect with the world. For example, if you have tinnitus, avoid loud, constant noises. If you have chronic tinnitus or have trouble hearing, remembering things, or balancing, taking a hearing test will help you know what your ears need. 

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