What Causes Sudden Dizziness (Ears)

What Causes Sudden Dizziness (Ears)

Dizziness has many, many causes. If it is in the ear, here’s what it could be.

Do you experience bouts of sudden dizziness? There are multiple possible reasons. Broadly speaking, sudden vertigo could be due to inner ear problems, reduced blood flow, medications, concussion, anxiety, motion sickness, and carbon monoxide poisoning. In this article, we will focus on what causes sudden dizziness if it pertains to the inner ear.


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a condition that varies per individual. For some, symptoms are mild and come and go, but for others, the symptoms are severe and need a specialist to treat it asap. BPPV is sudden dizziness due to dislodged crystals in the inner ear. These little crystals aid in our sense of balance; the inner ear is where we get our sense of balance. If someone needs treatment for BPPV, they should perform the Epley Maneuver

Inner Ear Infection

An inner ear infection could also cause dizziness. If the inner ear is swollen due to bacteria, it could keep the ear from functioning properly. It could put your inner ear off kilter and cause temporary vertigo, along with temporary hearing loss and ear pain. If your eardrum ruptures, visit the ER.

Meniere’s Disease

No one knows the exact cause of Meniere’s Disease. It involves a buildup of fluid in the inner ear that causes hearing and balance problems. It can also cause a feeling of fullness in the ear and tinnitus. This condition is most common in people ages 40-60 and usually only affects one ear. Vertigo symptoms may come and go, and treatment can help lessen long-term effects. It is best to see an audiologist to determine if you have Meniere’s Disease.


A migraine is an unexplained, sudden headache that causes acute pain and possible other symptoms, including nausea and sensitivity to light. Some migraines are different, though. A vestibular migraine does not include a headache, surprisingly, but encapsulates other symptoms like vertigo and nausea. A vestibular suppressant is an effective treatment. 

If you experience any of these symptoms and they do not go away, it is wise to see your doctor to determine what the real cause could be. Feel free to call Clarity Audiology for more insight.

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