Who Qualifies for Cochlear Implants?

Who Qualifies for Cochlear Implants?

What are cochlear implants, and who qualifies?

Hearing devices cover more than just hearing aids. Hearing device technology has developed quite a bit in the past fifty years, and today, one can find a solution for someone whose deafness is severe. Cochlear implants are one solution for severe hearing loss that some can qualify for. Learn more about who qualifies for cochlear implants and how Clarity Audiology can help you!

What Are Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are complex electronic devices that bypass the ear’s workings to stimulate artificial hearing. The goal is to create a type of organ within the ear that transmits sound waves to the brain just as the ear would. It consists of a device implanted beneath the skin behind the ear that connects to an electrode array inserted within the cochlea, a part of the inner ear. 

Basic parts of a cochlear implant are the microphone, the speech processor, the transmitter and receiver, and the electrode array. All these parts work together to bring in and channel sound toward the auditory nerve.

Who Qualifies for Cochlear Implants?

Not everyone can qualify for cochlear implants, and in most cases, hearing aids are just enough. Both adults and children can qualify for cochlear implants.


If an adult or senior loses their hearing later in life, he or she may qualify by meeting the following conditions:

  • Has hearing loss that hearing aids cannot help improve
  • Does not have medical conditions that would make the surgery risky
  • Has a strong desire to participate in the hearing world


If a child or infant as young as 12 months old has severe or profound hearing loss, he or she may qualify through meeting these requirements:

  • Has hearing loss that hearing aids cannot help improve
  • Does not have medical conditions that would put the patient at risk during surgery
  • Has parents that fully understand their role in the process

Talk with Clarity Audiology!

Studies show that the earlier infants who need cochlear implants get them, the better they are at processing sounds and speech. However, not everyone is the same, and intensive therapy is required after the surgery to help patients adjust to processing the new sounds. Some with severe or profound hearing loss may choose or refuse cochlear implants for any number of personal reasons. You can talk with Clarity Audiology in Baltimore about your hearing needs.

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