Why Do My Ears Keep Popping?

Why do our ears pop? Are they popping more than often? Read on to learn more.

Everyone’s ears pop now and then, especially if you live in a hilly region or travel by plane often. Among the many facets of our ears, internal air pressure is one of them. The popping sensation in our ears can be completely normal or a symptom of sickness. It is ultimately a matter of understanding the cause of your popping ears, as the popping actually a good thing. “Why do my ears keep popping?” you may ask? Let’s take a closer look here.

Understanding Why Ears Pop

Our eardrums have a pocket of air that should remain at the same pressure as the ambient air. If the air pressure surrounding us changes suddenly, the air pressure in our eardrums may not change at the same rate. The Eustachian tubes control air pressure in our eardrums; they are canals connecting the eardrums to the back of the throat. Our ears, nose, and throat are all connected. The popping sensation is our Eustachian tubes adjusting the air pressure in our eardrums to match the ambient air pressure.

Reasons Your Ears Might Pop

The general reason for why our ears pop is to adjust the air pressure in our eardrums. What are situations where our ears might need to pop?

One is when rising or descending in elevation rapidly. If you are driving in hilly or mountainous regions, your ascent or descent will send you into an area with higher or lower air pressure. The higher you go, the more air pressure there will be. The same goes if you are flying in a plane. When the plane takes off or prepares for landing, you may find your ears popping. Once your ears pop, they should feel better. 

Another cause of popping ears is sinus issues. The common cold, allergies, and other respiratory problems can clog up your Eustachian tubes, keeping air from the eardrum.

Need to See a Doctor or Audiologist?

You can alleviate popping ears by yawning, swallowing, and chewing gum. If the underlying cause is a respiratory illness or an allergy, contact your doctor. If you have an ear infection, an audiologist can also help you.

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