Why You Should Talk to Your Audiologist About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

How can Bluetooth hearing aids help you?

Why You Should Talk to Your Audiologist About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Hearing aids often present their users with limitation in terms of accessibility to their wireless devices, such as music players or mobile phones. It is not uncommon for a hearing aid user to replace them with earbuds whenever they wish to listen to music, for example. However, that mild annoyance quickly becomes a thing of the past when you select a Bluetooth hearing aid. This device offers both the sophistication and possibility to wirelessly connect its user to their personal devices via Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Inspired Hearing Aids

While the Bluetooth hearing aid is not currently on the market, talk to your Audiologist at Clarity Audiology about hearing aid options that offer “streaming” technology to its user. The wireless hearing aids that are currently available to listeners utilize assistive listening devices, otherwise known as “streamers”, that provide a link of communication between the wireless hearing aid and any of the devices the user has that is Bluetooth enabled.

Benefits of Going Wireless with Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The streamer that is used in the wireless hearing aid provides the user a more personalized listening experience that a standard hearing aid does not offer. Controlled by the listener, the hearing aid can be setup to stream in either one or both ears, and the volume is carefully controlled by either the listener or the manufacturer of the hearing aid; talk to your Audiologist about which you would prefer. This makes your hearing aid easily transform into a pair of earbuds, no switch needed.

Have a Conversation with Your Audiologist

It is important to have a conversation concerning your hearing needs with your Audiologist at Clarity Audiology. Located in several convenient locations in the Ellicott City area, including Catonsville, our professionals will provide state-of-the-art hearing solutions for all of your hearing needs. Together, we can decide if a wireless hearing aid with a streamer is the right choice for you. After you’ve received your hearing aids, the streamer will then pick up a Bluetooth signal from the devices of your choosing.

Get Your Hearing Aids from Clarity Audiology

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