5 Signs Of Age-Related Hearing Loss

5 Signs Of Age-Induced Hearing Loss

While it may seem natural for hearing to worsen with age, it is essential to recognize the signs of age-induced hearing loss.

While it may seem natural for hearing to worsen with age, it is essential to recognize the signs of age-related hearing loss. This simple step of taking action can significantly help to remedy their situations. Keep reading and discover a few common symptoms of age-related hearing loss that everyone should keep in mind.

Struggling to Hear Over Background Noise

Do you struggle to hear clearly at social events? Many older individuals who suffer from age-induced hearing loss have difficulty distinguishing sounds in noisy environments. If you can relate to this frustration, you may struggle to hear what others are saying at parties, restaurants, sporting events, and other noisy areas.

Challenges with Using the Phone

Individuals who live with noise-induced hearing loss may often struggle to use the telephone. If you are now finding it difficult to hear during a conversation on the phone, it could mean that you are have beginning to lose your hearing due to age.

Watching Television and Listening To Music At High Volumes

Do your friends and family members frequently ask you to turn down your music or turn down the volume on the television? Many individuals who have age-induced hearing loss are unaware of how high they have the volume turned up on their electronic devices. If you notice yourself continually cranking up the volume, you should schedule an appointment with your audiologist.

Asking People To Repeat Themselves

Asking people to repeat themselves can be a frustrating chore over time. Why not take steps to improve your conversations with improved hearing?  If you are now asking people to repeat themselves in conversations frequently, it may be a sign hearing has worsened due to age.

Experiencing Ringing Sounds in the Ears

Are you starting to hear ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears? Tinnitus is a frustrating condition that is common in older individuals that may also be a sign of hearing loss.

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