6 Signs of Impacted Wax in Your Ears

Impacted Wax

Impacted wax may be more of a health concern, and a probably for your ears as a whole, than you realize.

Many Americans complain of regularly blocked ears, resulting in impaired hearing, headaches, or even ear infections. However, it can be difficult to clean your ears safely–after all, it’s well known that cotton swabs aren’t a safe way to clean wax your ear canal. But wax builds up naturally, as your body produces it to collect and expel dirt and bacteria from your ear canal. While many people never experience impaction, where ear wax causes hearing problems, it’s important to be able to identify the symptoms so that you can safely clean out the impacted ear wax. Here are 6 signs of impacted wax that will help you identify problems with your ears.

1. Earaches

An earache or headache originating in the affected ear can be a symptom of impacted ear wax. This can result from increased pressure as your body continues to produce wax that keeps building up without working its way out of your ears. Often, ear wax impaction may not be painful at all, but an earache could be an indicator of serious buildup.

2. Tinnitus

Many people who experience impacted ear wax report a ringing in their ears, an affliction also known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is characterized by a constant noise, often high pitched, that can only be heard by the person experiencing it. People who experience tinnitus also report a feeling of fullness in their ears, in addition to the noise.

3. Odor

While the person experiencing the impacted ear wax may not notice this symptom themselves, it can be a very good indicator of impaction. With enough wax buildup, the affected ear may start to smell. This unpleasant symptom can be an indicator of serious buildup issues.

4. Dizziness

Your inner ear is in large part responsible for your sense of balance. If enough wax has built up in the ear canal over time, it can affect your ability to balance and even make you feel dizzy. Dizziness and nausea can be a very serious side effect of impacted ear wax.

5. A Cough

The ear, nose, and throat represent an intricate connected bodily system, where the health of one part impacts the health of the rest. One symptom of impacted ear wax is a persistent cough.

6. Impaired Hearing

Hearing issues are some of the most serious problems associated with impacted ear wax. With enough wax buildup, you may not be able to hear out of one or both of your ears. The long-term effects can be serious, so it’s important to keep wax from impacting in your ear canals.


If you have symptoms of impacted ear wax, it is important to see a doctor to have the wax safely removed. The doctor may clean your ears with special tools or recommend a wax softener to keep your ears working as they should.

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