6 Things That Make It Harder to Hear


Equip yourself with the knowledge of what in the world makes it harder to hear!

The hearing-impaired have trouble hearing more than others, but some factors make it hard for anyone to hear. Overall, several impediments could get in the way of our hearing; these are just six things that make it harder to hear in general. 

Background Noise

Background noise makes it significantly harder to hear what someone is saying to you. If you are trying to hear one person speak in a crowded room with loud music or in the middle of a busy city with construction, your ears will have to pierce through all the noise to hear that one person. Some people can hear perfectly in quiet places but seemingly go deaf in crowded ones. This phenomenon could be a type of hearing loss.

Physical Distance

Sound waves only travel so far. If you are far away enough from someone, it is only common sense that you will have trouble hearing them as well as if you are near each other. Add to that some background noise and poor acoustics, and it is even harder.

Poor Acoustics

Poor acoustics could mean an environment that makes sound waves bounce off the walls and create echoes. The more echoey a place is, the harder it is to hear what someone is actually saying. Another circumstance would be a hallway with many turns that muffle sound waves as they travel. You can improve your home’s acoustics by using curtains and carpets to eliminate echoes and situating seating areas so that people can speak clearly and comfortably to each other.

Listening Fatigue

Have you been in a noisy environment all day? Whether you’ve worked at a construction site or listened to videos and music all day, you could end up with listening fatigue. Your brain will eventually tire out from having to process sounds constantly and may need a rest.


Speaking clearly is also a part of how people can hear and understand better. Communication is a two-way street! Especially when talking with someone with poor hearing, you will have to speak clearly and slowly enough for anyone to understand you.

Hearing Loss

Of course, hearing loss makes it harder to hear. It can have many causes, such as impacted earwax, a concussion, aging, or repeated loud noises. Protect and maintain your hearing with healthy habits and the right devices if necessary.

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