New Hearing Aids Making My Ears Itch!

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Are your hearing aids making your ears itch? Here’s what could help.

Itchy ears can certainly be distracting! It is not a rare problem; there are plenty of people with hearing aids who start experiencing itchy ears. Thankfully, this common problem has some pretty easy solutions. If you need to consult further, please contact Clarity Audiology if you live in the Baltimore area! We are “hear” for you!

What to Do About Hearing Aids Making Your Ears Itch

Use Eardrops to Lubricate Your Ear Canal

If your outer ear is itchy, then the natural solution would be to apply lotion at night and in the morning. Most of the time, though, the problem is an itchy ear canal. Types of eardrops you can use as lubricants include mineral oil, an ear skin serum, or an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment. Place a drop or two in your itchy ear at night after you are done using your hearing aids for the day

Keep Your Ears Clean

One should not delve deep into the ear canal to clean it; doing so could push earwax farther into the ear canal. It is best to loosen your earwax with mineral oil, baby oil, or another such solution and wipe your outer ear alone. Ears are supposed to be self-lubricating and self-cleaning, but it is vital to keep your ears clean so that they do not itch.

Check If You Have an Ear Infection

A condition unrelated to your hearing aids could be the cause of the itchiness. Are you dealing with an ear infection? Do your ears feel full or clogged? Do you also have a headache or ear pain? Swimming and respiratory illnesses are two common causes of ear infections.

Check If You Are Having an Allergic Reaction

Could it be that you are allergic or sensitive to your new hearing aids? Yes, in rare cases, people can develop an allergy to the hearing aid dome or earmold material. If you have very sensitive ears, you could look into hypoallergenic hearing aids. 

If the itchiness has come on suddenly, it could be an allergic reaction to something else instead.

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