A Real Treatment of Tinnitus Discovered??

A Real Treatment of Tinnitus Discovered??

Are there real ways to treat tinnitus at the root of the problem? Talk with Clarity about your options!

Over the past two decades, scientists have researched the potential causes and treatments of tinnitus, the ringing in the ears. Manifesting as ringing, whooshing, buzzing, or whistling in the ears, tinnitus ranges in severity and affects millions of people in the United States alone, most of whom also have hearing loss. Is it possible that you or a loved one can find a real solution? Yes, a real treatment of tinnitus exists; in fact, several options are available. Could Clarity Audiology help you find the solution?

What Is the Cause of Tinnitus?

Overall, the scientific community agrees that tinnitus stems from a problem at some point in the peripheral or central auditory pathway or the auditory nerve. The auditory pathway consists of the outer, middle, and inner ear, while the auditory nerve connects the inner ear to the brain. The central auditory pathway is a series of tracts that connect the inner ear to the auditory nerve at the primary auditory cortex. Tinnitus could result from damage to or ill health of any of these parts, but more likely the middle ear and onward.

Treatment of Tinnitus: Different Options

Electrical Tongue Stimulation

In 2020, Science Translational Medicine published an article on a major study performed by researchers in multiple universities that saw a significant reduction or elimination of tinnitus after an electrical tongue stimulation treatment. Electrical pulses stimulated the tips of the patients’ tongues over a routine period of weeks, resulting in alleviation from tinnitus. This tinnitus treatment device treats the auditory nerve. 

Natural Supplements/Prescribed Diet

Many people also support the use of herbal remedies and natural health supplements for nerve regeneration, blood circulation, brain health, nervous system health, etc. You can even find natural pills on the market that not only support hearing health but are marketed to significantly reduce or end tinnitus, with genuinely positive reviews. Quietum Plus is one. 

Injection to Regrow Cochlear Hair Cells

Tinnitus could also result from damage to the cochlea, namely, the tiny hair cells that fill its snail shell-shaped interior. An injection that causes cochlear hair cells to regenerate is on the horizon. Could it be the newest hearing loss treatment?


Your internal state of being affects your physical health. When you are relaxed, your body can heal much faster. Whatever treatment you try to alleviate your tinnitus, remember to relax, do what you can to alleviate stress, and enjoy life. Clarity Audiology is here for you!

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