How to Keep Your Ears Clean

How to Keep Your Ears Clean

Healthy ears are clean ears! Keep your ears clean with these habits.

Keeping ears clean and healthy is a simple task that can go a long way in your hearing health overall. Our ears are just as important as any other part of the body and facilitate one of the five senses, a very significant job. How to keep your ears clean is a relatively simple matter; this guide can show you what habits to make to ensure your ears are always clean.

Ears Are Relatively Self-Cleaning

There is not too much to worry about with ears; they are relatively self-cleaning and do not need as much attention as other parts of the body, although people with dry earwax might need to do a little more to keep their ear canals clear. 

When you take a shower, the moisture will reach your ears, lubricate any debris or wax, and help wash it out. Even so, there are a few extra steps you can take to make them germ-free.

How to Keep Your Ears Clean

Wash the Outer Ear with Soap and Water

It helps to wash the skin of your visible ear with mild soap and water when you shower or periodically. All it takes is rubbing a little soap behind the ears, around the earlobes, and on the outer ear itself. Do not rub soap with your finger inside your ear; the earwax removes any debris for you.

Soften Earwax If Necessary

If you notice earwax buildup inside your ear, you can routinely soften any present earwax so it can drain. Two ways to soften your cerumen are olive oil drops or hydrogen peroxide drops. Hydrogen peroxide is especially germ-killing. Do not use drops if you have a hole in your eardrum. A less invasive way to soften earwax is a steam bath.

Do Not Poke Deep into or Submerge the Ear

Ears are sensitive inside, so do not poke deep into them with any item or submerge them if you can help it. For example, it is best not to submerge your ears in bathwater, as it could contain germs or other contaminants that might lead to an ear infection.

Keep Earbuds and Ear Plugs Clean

Earbuds and ear plugs can become waxy and dirty after a few uses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep them clean, so that when you use them, you will not coat your ear canal with wax and dirt. 

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