A Review of the Treatments and Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

An individual who suffers from conductive hearing loss has trouble hearing caused by a problem with their ear’s capacity to conduct sound waves. A malformation or congenital absence can result in this form of hearing loss or it may be attributable to a blockage in the ear canal. Complete hearing restoration is possible with the appropriate treatment for quite a few varieties of conductive hearing loss.

Quite a few congenital issues may cause conductive hearing loss. For example, an individual may be born with an unopened ear canal, or their ear canal might not have developed at all. Components inside the ear may be malformed, preventing proper hearing. Some of these congenital issues can be remedied via surgery. The ones that cannot may be treated with hearing aids. Congenital issues are one of the less frequent reasons for conductive hearing loss.

Among the more common causes of conductive hearing loss is wax or fluid accumulation in the outer ear. Ear wax buildup and infections of the ear can decrease one’s hearing ability. Washing the ear may be adequate to remove wax buildup, while antibiotics might be necessary to address an infection.

Conductive hearing loss may also be attributable to buildup in the middle ear. Accumulation of fluid is the most frequent origin of this issue. Ear infections are a frequent reason for this issue, particularly in children. Hearing can be affected by pressure on the inner ear caused by the common cold and allergies. Rarely conductive hearing loss may be the result of tumors in the middle ear.

Conductive hearing loss may be attributable to other problems, such as the presence of a foreign body in the ear canal or a perforated eardrum. This variety of hearing loss may appear on its own, but it may also occur in conjunction with hearing loss due to noise damage. Be sure to consult a hearing care specialist immediately if you,a friend or family member are suffering from unexplained hearing loss. Hearing ability can often be fully recovered with the proper treatment.

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