Which Models of Hearing Aids are Best for Children?

Unfortunately loss of hearing affects numerous young children, although the right type of hearing aid could have a very positive effect on their everyday life. If you will be in the process of trying to decide on a hearing aid for your child, the sheer number of styles and sizes to choose from can be overwhelming. There are some designs that are better suited for youngsters than others, so keep reading to explore what design could work best for your child.

The two primary styles of hearing aids that effectively work for children: In-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE). Youngsters, continuously growing and developing, should regularly get their hearing aids adjusted. ITE and BTE aids most easily lend themselves to regular adjustment, making them perfect for use in children. ITE hearing aids are small units in plastic cases that fit into the outer part of a child’s ear. Additional technologies like telecoil can be built into this type of product. Placed behind the ear, BTE hearing aids are identified by their plastic case. A tiny piece of tubing connects the case to an earmold that sits in the outer ear. Both types of hearing aids can deal with mild to severe hearing issues.

Finding the right style of hearing aid for your youngster can be challenging, particularly if he or she has other medical issues. As an example, behind-the-ear hearing aids may not fit properly on children whose ears are deformed. For some children, a very shallow ear canal might not present ample space to support in-the-ear hearing aids. ITE devices may not be right for children who have an excessive build-up of ear wax, as this can hinder the aid’s ability to function.

The best way to find the best hearing aid for your child is to talk to your hearing specialist. Your specialist will have an understanding of your child’s distinct issue and use these details to make educated recommendations. Knowledge about your role in improving your child’s hearing can also be presented by your specialist. If your child is not old enough to change hearing aids on his or her own, it may be up to you to ensure they are comfortable.

With research and consultation you will be able to better understand your child’s hearing aid choices and discover just the right device.

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